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Where grit meets paradise

Pura Vida ("pure life") isn't just a phrase, it is a way of life in Costa Rica. It is about embracing life and appreciating the beauty and the little moments. We started The Pura Vida Cycling Challenge to share "pura vida" riding with other cyclists. For us, Pura Vida cycling is about embracing the beauty of Costa Rica, connecting with an inclusive cycling culture, and giving back to the local cycling community.

Giving back to the community is at the center of our vision for this experience. For the past decade, we have donated new and used cycling gear (even complete bikes) to local cyclists in need.  It's about helping those less fortunate who need a hand to keep their bikes on the road.  Some use their bikes for sport, others for commuting to and from work, and all are extremely grateful for the contributions that we are able to make.  You'll meet and ride with all of these individuals, and they are the heartbeat of this extraordinary event.

Have your passport ready and join us for this 5 day, fully supported cycling challenge that will take you through some of the most scenic and diverse terrain on the planet as you push yourself to the limit! Your senses will come alive as you experience life in the vibrant local towns and pedal through lush tropical rainforests, coffee farms, and sugar cane plantations.  Prepare for a transcendent experience in Costa Rica that offers the most unique, authentic and culturally rich cycling adventure available anywhere.

You will train with your fellow athletes, in a small group setting, with an extremely hospitable, friendly, and “pura vida” local cycling community.  Be prepared to take on steep climbs, and challenge yourself.  The elevated heart rate is worth it for the views at the top, and the food, drinks, and laughs.  

Each of the 5 stages of riding are challenging, but they are not impossible! We've had cyclists of all ages able to complete each stage. All rides are no drop rides, and you will always have support from our sag vehicle and from our guides.  These guides ride with us and make sure everyone has what they need to have a fulfilling experience each day. Pura Vida cycling is about supporting and encouraging the entire group. Bonking hard? Legs too thrashed to make it up a steep road? Throw your bike in the truck, take a break, and have a snack. You wont be the first or the last! You will be pushed, but when you reach your limit, we are there to make sure you get back safely and still enjoy your day.

This is an adventure like you have never experienced before, and we'll encourage and push you to be your best. Vámonos!



Road cyclists, adventure riders, weekend warriors, and experienced group riders.  It's for those that want adventure, a cultural experience, and a spiritual escape from their daily grind.

Athletes should be skilled riding in groups and traffic, and enjoy scenic climbs and windy descents.  If you enjoy international travel, and would embrace a transformative cultural experience on a bike, then sign up and start training for our next event!




Home base is in the peaceful and cozy town of Alajuela.  This agricultural town in set in a fertile valley, surrounded by 2 volcanos, and a large mountain range.  We believe it's one of the best places in the world to ride bikes.


Athletes will have a private room with private bathroom. Double occupancy is possible as well, at a reduced rate, if you're traveling in a group of two.  We always have easy access to local shops and restaurants. 


Daily breakfast and post-ride meal is included, as well as an end of Challenge Celebration dinner. Don’t worry about cooking after your daily stage of riding through the rainforest, and climbing epic volcanos. Sit back, relax, review your photos and ride data, and let our team of local chefs prepare authentic cuisine to recharge your body. We can accommodate all dietary requests and restrictions. 

Daily Bike Support

Official support vehicles accompany our group on each stage. They provide mechanical support and can transport any extra gear/nutrition you want to bring for the day.

Escorted Daily Group Rides

You can ride in your comfort zone or go as hard as you want, there will always be someone ready to ride at your pace.  Just make sure your legs are ready for the next day too! These are supported, no-drop rides, but make sure your fitness is at a level where you can enjoy the experience. If you need to cut one of the stages short, or you'd rather not tackle a windy descent, you will have the option to load your bike in the support vehicle, and enjoy a stress free ride to our home base.

Athlete Requirements

Athletes will need to be comfortable and safe riding in groups, riding in traffic, descending long, windy roads, and able to climb long steep grades. Be prepared for challenging rides, and for the most authentic and fulfilling Costa Rican experience.

Unforgettable Experience

Make connections with new friends and training partners, and a week of riding that will have you best prepared for any of your upcoming events! 

Training Fuel 

No need to carry an extensive amount of food and drink. Part of the Pura Vida experience is refueling in the local towns, drinking out of a coconut, and getting fresh tropical fruit at a fruit stand.


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Pura Vida!! We'll be in touch soon!

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