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Stage 3
Lourdes de Naranjo

Route - Alajuela, Grecia, Sarchi, Naranjo, Lourdes, San Juanillo, Naranjo, Sarchi, Grecia, Alajuela

60 miles, 6,500 feet of climbing

Difficulty rating: 9

We start by rolling through three picturesque, artisan towns: Grecia, Sarchi, and Naranjo, each has it's own charm and are supported by the local agriculture economies. These towns are also the national center of the artisan communities in Costa Rica. There are no flat areas in the Central Valley, so you'll have plenty of kickers and rollers as you start on another daily adventure. 

From the town of Naranjo, you'll climb up a newly paved road, with "steps" of pitchy climbs, each with a short, needed respite that awaits.  Take advantage of the flat spots, and you'll be able to punch it up each step of this world-class climb. At the top, take in the scenery as you are rewarded with a short, flat stretch of road that passes through some of the most fertile dairy land in the entire country. This climb is extremely scenic, and very peaceful. The descent back to town is thrilling and beautiful with sweeping views of San Jose and the mountains as you fly down the winding curves and vistas. We love to stop at the best bakery in Costa Rica (in our opinion) as a reward for a long day and fuel for the rolling ride back to basecamp.

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