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Stage 5

Route - Alajuela, Atenas, Palmares, Concepcion, Naranjo, Grecia, Alajuela

50 miles, 6,500 feet of climbing

Difficulty rating: 9

The final stage of our Pura Vida Cycling Challenge, you've made it this far and you have one beautiful and scenic day left.  The stage starts with a long 20km (12 mile) downhill as we head west through the town of La Garita and towards Atenas. There are a few short climbs as you approach the town of Atenas, which will make for a good warmup. The climb from Atenas to Palmares is another one that takes you through incredibly beautiful tropical rainforests, and quaint mountain towns, and very little traffic.  You'll pass through coffee plantations, lush rainforest canopy, and you'll be treated with incredible vistas perfect for photos to share with friends and family. The last 2km of this climb up the mountain will test your strength one final time, and you will likely need to empty the tank to make it up. The toughest segments are at the top, so save some power for the last 2 km! 

The descent is less technical and can make for a blazing fast cruise into Palmares for local bakery stop to refuel. The ride ends with rollers back home through the artisan towns of Naranjo, Sarchi, and Grecia and one last sprint up El Cacao. 

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