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Giving back to the Pura Vida Cycling Community

Giving back is part of the foundation of the Pura Vida Cycling Challenge and it’s a big part of how this event got started many years ago. When our Founder Dan was living and riding in Costa Rica, he was struck by the significant challenges many local riders were dealing with just to enjoy the sport they love. Some riders are one mechanical problem away from not being able to ride for months, some are riding on cracked rims, or heavily worn components. Some rely on a working bike for their commute to and from work.  In developing countries, a working bicycle is important to the livelihood for these individuals and their families.


Over the past decade, we have donated new and used cycling gear collected from friends, family, cycling teams, bike shops, and retailers to our local Costa Rican cycling "family" who need a little bit of support. It started with contributions from a Phoenix, AZ based cycling group, the Brews Brothers and over the years we have contributed over $500,000 worth of gear. 

How you can help:

We ask all participants to bring donations with them (we pay for extra baggage fees).  No contribution is too small; socks, a jersey, a helmet, a cycling light, anything helps. This is not a mandatory requirement, but if you have any new or used gear that you are willing to donate it would be greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in contributing cycling gear to our charitable cause, and cannot make it to an upcoming trip, please contact us.


Your donated gear will be put to use immediately, and will help the same cyclists who help us with the logistics, safety, and organization of the Pura Vida Cycling Challenge. It's a really special opportunity that demonstrates a cross-cultural connection, and showcases what is right with humanity today.


After the end of the Stage 4, we will make a pitstop in our official cycling clubhouse. Referred to by the local cycling community as “el Bunker”, this is a cycling workshop which acts as a shared space to eat, drink, relax, work on your bike, laugh and tell stories about the day’s ride. El Bunker is built on a beautiful property owned by a former professional cyclist (and national cycling legend) Jovel, in the farming community of Tambor.  Decorated with cycling memorabilia, tools, photos, loads of spare parts, new and vintage bikes, it has a vibe to it that you will not forget. Walk behind el Bunker and find banana trees, orange trees, guava, coffee, and much more. El Bunker is truly a post-ride, cyclists dream. During our stop, the donated cycling gear from our group will be distributed to riders in need. 


Typical donation items include:

  • Gear (lightly used or new): Jerseys, bibs, shorts, socks, shoes, sunglasses, helmets, gloves, caps, light rain jackets

  • Components: pedals, shifters, derailleurs, tires, tubes, lights, saddles, cranks, brakes, handlebars, chains, computers, bar tape, etc.

In addition to athlete donations, we have received tremendous support from The Heavy Pedal, The Brews Brothers, The Right Stuff, and many others. If your riding club or local bike shop is interested in supporting the Pura Vida Cycling community please contact us!


Going through the donated gear at "el Bunker."


Bike components are immediately put to use!

New Bike Day! Thanks to the amazing Phoenix Area cycling community, we have even been able to give new bikes to riders that otherwise would never be able to ride!


"el Bunker" our favorite pit stop of the Challenge! it is a cycling workshop and shared space to eat, drink, relax, and tell stories about the day's ride. 

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