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The Pura Vida Cycling Challenge is made up of 5 stages of some of the most scenic bike rides you could ever imagine. Each stage presents a different challenge, some days are longer, some shorter, but all will take your breath away as you pedal up and down the curvy rainforest roads. Each day features some challenging climbs that will test your strength and endurance. You can descend as fast or as slow as you like, just be sure to take a peak at the incredible views!


During the 5 days, you will experience climbing the most incredible mountain passes; the views that you get at the top make all of the suffering worth it.  We have ridden these roads for nearly 20 years and we've seen experienced cyclists of all ages who are able to complete and enjoy each stage. Climbing will be a part of every ride, so bring your climbing gears and your lightweight road bike.

55 miles

6,600 ft of climbing

Difficulty rating: 8


90 miles

10,000ft of climbing

Difficulty rating: 10


60 miles

6,500 ft of climbing

Difficulty rating: 9


40 miles

5,000 ft of climbing

Difficulty rating: 10+


50 miles

6,500 ft of climbing

Difficulty rating: 9



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Pura Vida!! We'll be in touch soon!

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