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My life’s journey has given me the opportunity to train and race in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Road biking through tropical rainforests, chatting with locals in the town square, eating the homegrown cuisine, and pedaling through this rich and colorful terrain is something that brings me great joy.  The Pura Vida Cycling Challenge is an opportunity to share this experience with other athletes who are willing to embrace a new culture, push their limits physically and mentally, and also contribute to a charitable cause that helps those in need.

Born in Peru, to an Ecuadorian/Irish family, I was immersed in hispanic culture from day 1 - with Spanish as my first language.  As an adult, I lived full-time in Costa Rica for 8 years, and had the pleasure to train with world class, highly-decorated cyclists, on some of the world’s most challenging and scenic routes. Sharing this experience with others is very rewarding. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish, breathless from the challenges that you will conquer, and fulfilled emotionally and spiritually from the beauty of the environment and people that will support you.



During my time living full time in Costa Rica, I made some very special friendships with cyclists, triathletes, coaches, managers, mechanics, restaurant owners, bike shop owners, and many others connected to the cycling and triathlon communities in Costa Rica. These individuals are still very special friends to this day. It’s really rewarding to share these friendships with the athletes who are part of the Pura Vida event; the personal connections, and shared meals, shared roads, jokes and laughs are the essence of the Pura Vida Cycling Challenge. I’m thrilled to ride with our athletes through every pedal stroke of the 5-stage event, and to support the Pura Vida athletes as they experience and connect with this beautiful country and people.


Come for the adventure and world class bike riding, leave with fitness, friendships for life, and experiences that you will never forget.  We can’t wait to see you in Costa Rica!


  • NCAA collegiate swimmer (7 time school record holder). All-Conference swimmer.

  • 2 time bronze medalist in international swimming competition

  • Swimming Finalist at the 1999 Pan American Games

  • Former Pro Triathlete. 12 time overall champion in Olympic distance triathlon.

  • Overall amateur champion at the 2001 Chicago Triathlon (The World’s Largest)

  • 3rd place overall at 2011 Vuelta Masters Costa Rica

  • 4th place overall at 2012 Vuelta Masters Costa Rica




I am a triathlon coach, competitive age group triathlete, and a mom. Before turning to endurance sports and activities full time, I was the CEO of New Global Citizens and spent 10 years working in global education. I traveled to over 34 countries and spent years living and working internationally. 

Five years ago, I discovered triathlons and fell in love. I’ve trained and competed in multiple sprint, olympic, 70.3 and full distance triathlons. I made 2018, 2019 and 2020 USAT All American, placed in the top 10 age group nine times and qualified for the 2020/2021 Ironman 70.3 World Championships and 2020 & 2021 Ironman World Championships. Last year I became a USAT certified coach and launched Finding Endurance to support new triathletes in discovering their potential through endurance sports. The more I trained for triathlons, the more I realized that triathlon is my sport, but cycling feeds my soul. My happy place is hammering up and down steep mountain roads on my bike.

 I love how cycling pushes me to new physical and mental levels. For me, cycling is the journey to build mental fitness, confidence, resilience, patience and explore the amazing world around me.

The first time I did the Pura Vida Cycling Challenge, I nearly broke, physically and mentally, but I didn't and the knowledge I am so much stronger than I think I am has shaped me not just as an athlete, but in all aspects of my life. What blew me away was the support I received from the local Pura Vida cycling community. I felt immediately like I was a part of the team. Someone was always there for an extra push or thumbs up when I needed it.

The experience of the Pura Vida Cycling Challenge was life changing. I always experience some type of change when I visit a new culture, but to combine the challenge of riding through the most beautiful terrain, on top of the experience of a new place, the impact was profound. I am so excited to open the Pura Vida Challenge to the cycling world and showcase the beautiful country, amazing people, and unbelievable riding.

The sag vehicle has extensive bike rack capacity, so if you only want to do part of the daily stage, you will have the ability to load your bike into our official support vehicle and enjoy a relaxing journey through paradise with Mau as your captain!

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 3.04.51 PM.png

Maureen (“Mau”) is a Costa Rican icon in the sports of cycling and triathlon. A mother of one, Mau is a decorated athlete, certified coach of a local triathlon team, cycling/triathlon event manager, decorated national television and radio personality (lead TV announcer for professional cycling races in Costa Rica), national promoter for amateur and professional athlete development, and is a beloved icon in the cycling and triathlon communities in Costa Rica. Mau represents the “Pura Vida” attitude in all aspects of her life, she has a charm that is undeniable, a heart full of generosity and selflessness, and we are very lucky to have her as an integral part of our leadership team.


Mau will join us on all 5 stages to support all of the riders in a dedicated sag vehicle.  She will be accompanied by a qualified mechanic, and will have food, drinks, bike gear, and first aid and safety supplies for our group.


Director of Tour Support

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