Where grit meets paradise



This is a road cycling experience like no other! Join us for 5 days of grand tour style riding in the cycling paradise of Costa Rica. You will climb beautiful and steep mountains, soar through spectacular descents, immerse yourself in the colorful and vibrant Costa Rican culture, make friendships to last a lifetime, contribute to a charitable cause, and experience this beautiful country on 2 wheels. This is truly a transcendent and spiritual cycling experience that will test your cycling strength while connecting you to the essence of Costa Rica.

This is not a typical commercial tour, you'll immerse yourself in the authentic Costa Rican, "pura vida" ("pure life") mantra.  You will have the opportunity to see this tropical paradise like no other tourist.  We'll stop in small, picturesque mountain towns that you won't find in any guide books. The locals will share their knowledge of the history of these towns, while guiding you to the best coffee shops, fruit stands, bakeries, and diners ("sodas" in tico spanish).  Breath clean mountain air, listen to the sounds of waterfalls and tropical birds, and share this experience with new friends who are looking for an active getaway, stress relief, and a break from the daily grind.


Each of the 5 stages includes a truly epic "HC" climb that will make your jaw drop! Bring gears, grit and a good attitude and test your strength and determination! Each day we ride with local riders, some of whom have competed at the highest level of the sport. They love to showcase their country to our Pura Vida Cycling group and are ready to push you and challenge you! If you are a competitive athlete, the Pura Vida Cycling Challenge will push and prepare you for all your upcoming races and events! 

We also have a commitment to giving back to the local cycling community. The charitable component of this event is what makes it so special. Learn more about our Pura Vida Charity.

Are you ready to see the beautiful paradise of Costa Rica on a bike? Are you ready to embark on a truly spiritual cycling adventure?  Are you ready to escape your typical weekend bike rides for 5 days of an authentic cultural experience? Let's go!!


Join us on our next challenge May 14 - 18, 2022!

This is where grit meets paradise.



Train in a small group setting, with an extremely hospitable, friendly, and “pura vida” local cycling community. The spirit of the rides are inclusive, the strongest riders will support all ages and abilities even in the most challenging moments.


Experience the vibrant Costa Rican culture on two wheels! We stop in the small towns to refuel and grab a quick bite, Ride with the welcoming locals who keep a light-hearted environment on the group rides, stop at roadside fruit stands, drink from coconuts, and experience all the sights, sounds, and flavors that this beautiful tropical paradise has to offer.

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This is not a relaxing pedal through paradise. These 5 stages will push you to your absolute limits. This challenge is designed for competitive cyclists and triathletes who are up for a challenge. These rides take strength but more than anything they take grit and the ability to keep grinding. But don't worry, we always have vehicle support ready if you need a break or want to make it an early day. After the 5 days you will be ready to kick ass in your next race season.


Roll through small artisan towns, fill your bottles from waterfalls  cascading on the side of the road (yes its safe!), climb the incredibly steep winding jungle roads and descend through the clouds back to town. This is what adventure feels like on two wheels.


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