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A humanitarian, cycling celebration!



This is a road cycling experience like no other! Join us for a 5 day tour of Costa Rica, and help us empower underprivileged cyclists through our cycling-focused, non-profit charity.  During each 5 day tour, we donate new and used cycling gear to local riders, and help those less fortunate continue to roll on 2 wheels. In many developing countries, a bicycle is still used as a primary means of transportation. Sometimes a bicycle is used to get to school, or to the market, or to work.


Through our outreach into local communities in Costa Rica, we provide cycling gear to those in need, as well as economic opportunities.  Many of the same individuals who receive our donated equipment also work with us to administer the Pura Vida Cycling event.  They guide our group through each daily ride, ensure safety, and provide local insight into the culture and history of their beautiful land.  Join us and make friendships to last a lifetime, contribute to a charitable cause, and experience this beautiful country on 2 wheels.

Authentic Costa Rica

This is not your every day tourist experience. We ride through small mountain towns, refuel at roadside fruit stands, and climb rural roads through the rainforest. In 5 days you will get a real sense of life in this vibrant country. See more about the 5 Stages.

Unique Cultural Experience 
Every day our athletes are joined by 15-50 local Costa Ricans (Ticos) riding a various levels from elite to weekend warriors. Together we make the Pura Vida Cycling crew. This is an incredible and unique experience where many cultures come together with the shared love of cycling. It is the warm, supportive, and friendly community that keeps our athletes returning year after year. 

Are you ready to see the beautiful paradise of Costa Rica on a bike? Want to help those less fortunate by repurposing your old bike components, or that seldom worn jersey? Ready to embark on a truly spiritual cycling adventure?  Looking to escape your typical weekend bike rides for 5 days of an authentic cultural experience? Let's go!!

Join us for a humanitarian cycling celebration!



Embrace a humanitarian effort through our cycling charity, and give back to the community that supports the Pura Vida Cycling Challenge. Your efforts to contribute new/used cycling gear make a huge difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Best of all, you'll get to share the road every day with this amazing and supportive community!


Experience the vibrant Costa Rican culture on two wheels! We stop in the small towns to refuel and grab a quick bite, Ride with the welcoming locals who keep a light-hearted environment on the group rides, stop at roadside fruit stands, drink from coconuts, and experience all the sights, sounds, and flavors that this beautiful tropical paradise has to offer.

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Train in a small group setting, with an extremely hospitable, friendly, and “pura vida” local cycling community. The spirit of the rides are inclusive. The strongest riders will support all ages and abilities, they'll guide you on your daily adventure through the mountains and rainforest.


Roll through small artisan towns, fill your bottles from waterfalls cascading on the side of the road (yes its safe!), climb the steep winding jungle roads and descend through the clouds back to town. This is what adventure feels like on two wheels.


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Pura Vida!! We'll be in touch soon!

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